Newsstand vs Library

The title is meant to be cynical but this is one of my biggest pet peeves and I’ve often thought about writing to the New York Times Complaint Box column about it. Every morning, I go to Barnes & Noble to get my venti vanilla latte (with no foam) from the Starbucks cafe. Bordering the cafe seating area are the magazine stands. It completely irks me to see people randomly reading the magazines and books and then putting them back when they’re done.

I don’t know what type of disorder I have but I don’t like when a magazine or book I’ve purchased is read by someone else before I read it. I know that it sounds dumb, insane, stupid, whatever. That’s just me. So to see these people in the cafe, with their grubby fingers, touching up and bending the pages just drives me crazy.

Because of this, when I’m ready to purchase my magazine, I always grab for one in the middle or towards the back of the stack.

I totally urge folks who need to run their fingers through the pages as they drink their coffee, to visit their local library and take out a book. Keep it and use it at your leisure for the 3 week period you’re allotted for its use.

Is that crazy or what?